10th Annual Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore

Halloween Horror Nights

If you’re looking to see a scare, you can’t go wrong with the 10th annual Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore. This year’s events feature three new haunted houses, two terrifying scare zones, a laser tag challenge, and chilling dining experiences.

Operation: Dead Force

Universal Studios Singapore will hold its 10th edition of Halloween Horror Nights on October 31, 2022. In this event, guests will be able to explore haunted mansions, scary zones, and haunted rooms. There are also add-on experiences such as Monsters & Manifestations, a behind-the-scenes tour, and a live performance.

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights are the biggest event in Southeast Asia. It will feature three haunted houses, two scare zones, and a spooky dining experience. The event has several new attractions this year, including a terrifying haunted house and a haunted carousel.

Universal Studios Singapore will feature three new haunted houses for Halloween Horror Nights. Not only this, there will also be two scare zones, a laser-tag challenge, macabre dining experiences, and an immersive Monsters & Manifestations experience. It will be an exciting event for those who love to scare themselves.

Killustrator: The Final Chapter

The Halloween Horror Nights Singapore festival is an annual event that takes place at Universal Studios Singapore. Also, the festival is renowned for its scare zones and haunted houses. The story of this Halloween event is based on the horror movies of the past. In this year’s event, the scariest moments from previous editions will be honored, according to the official website. The main haunted house will recreate the most terrifying moments from past Halloween events.

Halloween Horror Nights Singapore is the largest Halloween event in Southeast Asia, and this year is no exception. Hosted by the famous Killustrator, the event is aimed at scaring visitors with more spine-tingling thrills. The Killustrator is obsessed with horror and demented villains, so expect plenty of terrifying thrills and chills.

In addition to its three haunted houses, this Halloween Horror Nights event also has 2 scare zones. Among these, the headline haunted house Killustrator: The Final Chapter is one of the most exciting and spook-worthy experiences of the previous nine editions. Visitors can experience a zombie apocalypse, a terrifying tour of a luxurious mansion, and more.

If you’ve never attended Halloween Horror Nights, you’re missing out! However, the seven-night festival returns this year after a two-year hiatus. The festival will include:

  • 3 haunted houses.
  • 2 scare zones.
  • A laser-tag challenge.
  • A horror-themed meal at KT’s Grill.
  • A behind-the-scenes tour.

The Maiden of the Opera

Universal Studios Singapore is set to return to the horror world this October and November with its third annual Halloween Horror Nights. Fortunately, this year’s theme revolves around banished witches and their reincarnations. Visitors will be greeted by the Daughter of the Undead, Maiden of the Opera and Crone of the Forest.

The event is back with new scare zones and never-before-seen haunted houses! The experience also includes laser tag, dining, a behind-the-scenes tour, and other fun activities. Luckily, the festival will be held for 19 nights, from September 30 to November 5, 2022. It is an exciting addition to Universal Studios Singapore and the Halloween season!

Fortunately, the Maiden of the Opera is one of three iconic characters in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights Singapore. Also, she is the only icon in her year to be given a house. She appears wearing a traditional opera costume with beaded floral appliques and oriental embroidery. Her gown is made of royal blue silk.

Another terrifying character is the evil Maiden of the Opera, a ghost from Chinese folklore. Additionally, this evil spirit tries to kill anyone who crosses her path. Other hauntings include the Crone of the Forest, a practitioner of ancient black magic who seeks to enslave new souls. And in a creepy cemetery, the Daughter of the Undead stalks the tombstones of the graveyard with an insatiable thirst for blood.

In fact, this interminable character is inspired by the Maiden of the Opera. Also, she takes the heart of her victims through black magic and keeps them in a soulless state. Thus, the Maiden of the Opera’s dark store room contains ritual objects and offerings. She taunts visitors as she sinks into madness.

Monsters and Manifestations

The 10th edition of Halloween Horror Nights will be held at Universal Studios Singapore this October. It will feature three haunted houses and two scare zones. Moreover, visitors can also experience a laser tag challenge and a “horrific” dining experience, among other things. The event will be hosted by a character named The Keeper.

There will be many terrifying elements to the event, including a twist on the 12 Dark Zodiacs. A livestream challenge to find Pontianak will also be conducted. In addition, there will also be a laser tag game where teams of five will have to figure out puzzles and avoid being bitten by monsters. The experience will cost S$68 per person on non-peak nights, or S$338 for a five-person team.

There are a number of signature experiences at Halloween Horror Nights, including the popular Die-ning with the Dead experience, where guests are immersed in the haunted house with the Spirit Medium and her henchmen. Fortunately, another experience, called Monsters & Manifestations, gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the spooky production. Guests can take pictures with ghastly monsters in various effects, and witness a hair-raising performance.

Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights Singapore are available from 30 September to 01 November 2022. Tickets to the event cost S$68 on non-peak nights and S$78 on peak nights. They are available at the resort’s website. Also, you can also purchase a “Frights for Four” bundle that includes early park entry at 5pm, and an HHN set dinner for four. You can also avail of discounts for Maybank card holders by purchasing two tickets at a time.

Wrap Up!

Therefore, we can conclude that Halloween is a very horrific festival that will take place on October 31st. 

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