7 Proven Ways to Market Your Brand on Pinterest

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Pinterest may be relatively new in the social media world, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a highly effective tool that you should consider using to market your brand. If you aren’t already familiar with this site, you can think of it as Instagram with an intelligent algorithm and a focus on original content rather than selfies. In addition to being incredibly popular, Pinterest allows you to connect with customers emotionally through the site’s vast amount of visual content and potential for eye-catching images that are not often seen elsewhere on the internet. Keep reading:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site that has over 100 million monthly users. It is designed to share images, ideas, and interests by pinning various images, videos, links and articles onto the user’s profile or board. Pins are usually linked from the Pinterest website or from the content’s source website when using a third-party app like IFTTT (If This Then That). Users can also like pins and repin them from other people’s boards. They can also follow other users’ profiles or join groups for a more significant interaction. Any business would be remiss not to consider utilizing this site as a marketing tool, given its immense popularity.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Over 150 million people use Pinterest every month, and an estimated 75 billion pins are on the site. It also has more than 1 billion mobile app downloads. These numbers are shocking, considering it wasn’t created as a business or marketing tool and is just five years old.

Explore What Other Brands Have Done – Explore other brands and how they’ve used Pinterest marketing to grow their brand. Use this information as inspiration for what you can do in your own Pinterest account as well, which will have the potential to create new followers for your brand who may not be following you anywhere else.

What Makes For a Successful Pin? 

  • Use Keywords. Users are more likely to click if they can find a pin through their search queries.
  • Optimize the Image’s Title, Description, and Long Text with Targeted Keywords and a Variety of Attributes (Hint: Social Media Integration).
  • Feature Creative Visuals in the Pin Design. Include Relevant Content for Engagement and Shareability, Make Promotional Calls-to-Action, Add Emotion and Personality with Cohesive Mood Boards, Create Fresh Customized Graphics, or Blend Useful Creative Techniques into Classic Layouts.

How To Pin From Your Business Account?

#1: Create an account. Create a business-specific account so you can easily access your pins from anywhere. You should also be following and favoriting people that you interact with in your industry. This way, when they post something new, you’ll be able to see it as soon as possible and share it with your followers. It’s also easy for them to follow you back! And, if you pin stuff relevant to them, they may even like or repin those things!

#2: Use the right image formats when sharing images of your products. On Facebook and Twitter, this is pretty straightforward; Facebook is square and Twitter’s minimum requirement is 500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall – just make sure that they’re high-quality photos! However, here are 7 proven ways to market your brand on Pinterest.

  1. Pin Every Day

If you’re planning a marketing strategy around Pinterest, don’t just pin it once and forget about it. Re-pin your own pins and favorite other people’s pins. Follow other relevant accounts so that you have a steady stream of content to pin from. Use hashtags when posting something new to ensure it gets in front of more viewers who might be curious about the subject matter. Include keywords within your post titles so that they are indexed by Google and will turn up in search results, as well as for SEO purposes. And lastly, engage with followers who comment on your posts or re-pin them by liking their photos, commenting on their pins or tagging them so they can see your feedback.

2. Target Relevant Keywords

Engaging your customers is a crucial part of building a brand. You need to show that you are listening and care what people have to say, but also stand by your opinions. You can achieve this by joining the discussion in communities that use Pinterest as their platform of choice. With 54% of US internet users aged 18-34 now using the platform, there are more ways than ever before for marketers to get their products and services noticed. So how can you make sure your brand stands out? 

3. Use Analytics to Optimize

It’s important to know how your content is doing, and what parts of it are performing better than others. By analyzing data, you can see which posts are most popular and optimize your strategy for future posts. Here are some helpful strategies for analyzing your content:

1) Check out the Pinners with Pins report. Pinners with Pins is a report that shows you the most active pinners from the past seven days. You’ll find this in Analytics > Social Media > Network Followers section as a subset of Total Interactions. By the total number of interactions per day, week, or month, the report will show which pinners have interacted with your brand’s pins.

4. Engage With Followers

Getting your followers talking about you is an important step in any marketing strategy. You can accomplish this by asking questions. For example, a clothing store might ask if you have been looking for a new style that has just come in. Then offer something for free (like a $5 off coupon) if the person responds in the affirmative. Questions can be broad or specific, but the point is to engage followers and excite them about what you have to offer.

5. Repin and Like Others’ Pins

For beginners, it’s always good to stay up-to-date with what other people are doing. It is possible for your pins (and content) to get passed over because you are not following trends. By repinning and liking others’ pins, you can help! This will keep you updated with new brands and popular trends. In addition, use the Create menu from your website or blog in order to promote new ideas or articles that have been written by linking them within a pin!

6. Comment On Other Boards

When marketers take a first start, one of the most confusing parts is how to create boards that work. It’s also difficult to know where to find customers. Fortunately, with these 9 proven tips for marketing your brand on Pinterest, you’ll have no problem.

#1: Pin content related to your business and make sure it’s high quality

This will help attract people who are interested in what you do and need a place where they can keep updated.

7. Create Boards That Inspire Action

Pinterest is perfect for marketing. It’s visual, fun, and constantly changing. The problem, however, is knowing where to begin and what boards to create. 

-How-to boards that give users a closer look at the work behind your brand: How We Do What We Do

-Before and After pictures of projects we’ve completed

-Favorite projects completed in the past year with before and after pictures

-Products we offer for sale that don’t require building (e.g., designs by other artists)


I hope this guide provides all the detail about Pinterest marketing and also describe what is better for you. 

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