A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating Labor Day

labor day

Have you ever imagined how the world managed to become more modernized and a better place for humanity? If we ponder it, every human has play a significant role in improving this world.

So for great appreciation to the hard-working people giving it all they have in themselves, Labor Day is the day to celebrate on the first Monday of September.


During the late Nineteenth century, trade was the most common practice in the subcontinent. Soon these trade conductors and labor activists were seen on the streets pressing for a nationwide holiday to be conducted for the countless services they have rendered to different states such as the U.S and Canada for their prosperity and well-being.

A theory mentions that this day was the proposal of Peter J. McGuire, a vice president of the American Federation of Labor. McGuire proposed to the central labor union that a day be set aside for the laborers in remembrance of their services.

He further suggested that the event should be initiated by labor activists performing a peaceful street parade gathering together, showing a sign of unity and strength and later concluding the parade with a feast together.

Furthermore, Maguire also indicated that the first Monday of September is chosen as the day, keeping in mind the pleasant weather and that Monday will be between July 4th and the Thanksgiving holiday.

labor day 5 september

As Expected, Labor Day March was being conducted in several cities across the United States and Canada, and prominent labor leaders were delivering public Labor Day speeches. Celebrating this day every year made it more recognized throughout the country.

With time, the party’s numerical strength significantly increased; in 1887, Oregon was the first state which officially proclaims this day as a public holiday. However, another issue arose: The federal Law only decided to give the federal workers a day off.

Hence, different unions started encouraging workers to conduct a boycott to get a day off and pressed for a holiday. This way, gradually, Labour Day managed to take its place in being a public holiday throughout Canada.


In 1886, May 1st became an alternative day for the celebration of Labour Day, which was given a new name known as International Workers Day. The American Federation of Labor passed a resolution to shorten the working hours of union laborers and minimize it to eight hours.

Factory workers conducted strikes to press for their demand, and May 1st was generally an ordinary strike day. There were no mutual agreements about whether May or September be chosen as a holiday. However, the Haymarket affair of May 4, 1886, paved the way for the decision.

The Haymarket affair is a famous riot that occurred on May 4th, 1886, in Chicago after a bomb blast. It was a violent conflict between the labor protestors and the police resulting in the massacre of seven police officers and four others.

Therefore, The present conservative Democratic president Grover Cleveman supported the holiday of September since he stated that a holiday being provided in May would make The Haymarket affair remembered strengthening the ties of the socialist groups and ultimately a fear of the uprising would take place.

Hence in 1887, he supported the September Labor Holiday as a more peaceful and moderate alternative, and due to his logical and fair thinking, September Labor Holiday was formally adopted in the United States and Canada.

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Today’s Labor Day might be a summer holiday where one takes a day off from work and enjoys with the rest of the family; however, the public should consider the faithful and social history of Labor Day.

From the very beginning, this day displayed the power and strength of the labor community and reflected their importance to the whole community. Union and other labor workers represented their strength by gathering in a parade and peaceful walk.

An entire march was organized for this particular purpose which included famous labor personalities conducting speeches and motivational words, which showed the determination of these people. The parade concluded with people having a feast together.

Other kinds of entertainment activities like Dance and music were also some common observances. The importance of the Labor community to the state was significantly high, and the union workers themselves found it necessary to press for a public holiday in their remembrance.


On May 4th, 1886, while the union laborers were performing a rally, a bomb exploded in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, which led to severe unrest between the Police and the Union members resulting in the massacre of seven police officers and four others.

This event had a significant impact on the labor union, and this led to many countries observing May 1st as International Workers Day; however, things were different for the United States in particular as their Conservative Democratic President Grover Cleveman put forward a logical reason as to why September in place of May should be decided as the public holiday.

Cleveman proposed that May is remembered in mourning the Haymarket incident, and a holiday that day would be a real threat as it strengthens the ties of the socialist group and anarchists. Therefore, to avoid any fear of unrest, Cleveman proposed that September should be adopted as the Labour Day holiday, and this was later confirmed when he signed the Law. 


There are several standard practices observed on Labor Day in Canada, and one of them is mentioned as wearing white. As it’s said, White is known as a summer color, and Labour Day unofficially marks the end of summer; therefore, many people are dressed all in White to show their support for the day.

Australia labor day

Other people enjoy having a picnic with their loved ones or decorating their homes with decorations, while others enjoy having a feast with their family. People also take full advantage of their lawns, and many spend their Day grilling burgers, steak, and chicken. Amusing  firework  is also one of the leading practices, and the sky is filled with colors at night.

Perhaps this day is also one of the most likely times to travel, and every year, countless people visit beaches and lakes and enjoy the last moments of summer. A tradition of the late Victorian era is still followed as to the end of Labor Day; People store their white apparel for next year as it’s advised not to wear white after Labor Day.

This particular practice serves as a farewell for this Day. Overall the public has a great time enjoying themselves with their loved ones.


There are some fun facts regarding Labor Day, and some of them are surprising. Did you know Oregon was the first state to declare Labor Day as a public holiday On February 21st, 1887? Later, other states, including New Jersey and New York, also announced it as a public holiday.

Canada has known to celebrate this day 10 years before the United States when it first declared! Moreover, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September, and every year the day arrives one year before the date the previous year.

Another fact about this day is that it marks the end of summer and the soon arrival of the cold weather. Therefore, on this day, famous public places and parks are packed with crowds of people having their one last ride in the warm air and summer.

Did you know after Memorial Day, this Day is the second most popular holiday for grilling? Furthermore, it has been recorded that between Memorial Day and Labor Day, residents of America eat seven billion hot dogs!

With time the labor parties have increased in number, and their numerical strength has risen. An estimated amount mentions more than one sixty-four million people summing up the U.S civilian labor force! Definitely one of the most critical sectors.

In 2021 Fourteen million American wage and salary workers belonged to unions in 2021. Although  Labor Day  is celebrated as a summer farewell, there’s much to celebrate. Such as the National Hispanic Heritage month on September 15th and the first day of fall on September 22nd.

These facts only make one realize the importance of the Labor Community and the services they have rendered to the state throughout the year.


Taking notice of a public holiday and a Day off from work, Labor Day has become an international sale day for many retailers and is claimed to be one of the largest sale dates over the year, with many customers free to shop.

It’s a business strategy to declare a sale on a public holiday. Keeping in view that everyone would have a day off and allow everyone to do shopping. After the Black Friday sale, the Labor Day sale is the second largest sale date. Some labor workers themselves work even on this day; what an irony!


In Conclusion, if we ponder over the services the labor community has served to the state. We can say that it’s one of the most contributing sectors of society. Surely in its absence, society cannot function. Only the Labor Class has made our lives peaceful and full of facilities. In return, a day designated particularly for these people is something we owe them. For more information, visit our  website  now!

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