Does Birth Control Cause Weight Gain? All You Want To Know

Weight gain

Does birth control cause weight gain? Most searched and asked questions. If you also have such a question, the answer is that women gain weight due to certain factors like pregnancy, genetic factors, or after reaching a certain age. Different studies show that a particular type of birth control can cause weight gaining, but it affects everyone differently. What is most critical is to choose a method that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. Let’s go straight to the point before you get confused. Here we can talk about:

  • Weight Gain and Birth Control
  • Factors contributing to it correlated with birth control
  • Weight gain and the type of birth control
  • Manage weight gain
  • Side effects


Weight Gain and Birth Control:                        

Some people report a small amount of weight gain after starting the first control pill. In many cases, body fat occurs due to mild fluid retention, estrogen dominance, low testosterone, and loss of muscle mass. According to research, contraceptives (a combination of progesterone and estrogen) can increase appetite, whereas estrogen tends to increase fluid or water retention, resulting in an elevation of weight. 

Birth control


A 2012 review determined that today’s control pills contain only 20 to 50mcg estrogen, compared to 150mcg in the first pill in 1950. Although, data conducted in 2014 from the USA shows that 150 women participants using hormonal contraceptives for three or more months showed no link between birth control and weight gain.


Factors Contributing To Weight Gain Correlated with Birth Control:

The debate on birth control continues on whether it makes you gain weight or not. Two main factors may contribute to it women’s post-birth control.


Water retention

Genetics: Most people are unaware that your genes play a very significant role in gaining weight while on birth control. A study shows that women who use hormonal implants gain seven pounds in twenty-seven months. The researchers think this weight gain is simply due to variation in genes.


  • Water Retention:

Sometimes women stop taking birth control when they think that had gained some extra weight. However, researchers have indicated that this is because of water retention in your body.


Type of Birth Control and Weight Gain:

Only a few types of contraceptives may lead to weight gain.

weight loss


Weight gain or weight loss is directly related to contraceptive implants. People using these implants may gain or lose weight while using them.


Progestin Contraceptives:

Using injectable contraceptives leads to a significant increase in weight gain. Women’s weight increased by 4.4 pounds in 22 studies between 6 and 12 months of use. The average weight gaining possibility is 9.5 pounds with progestin-only injection continuously for five years.


Contraceptive Injection:

Some people experience a gain in weight due to the use of contraceptive injections for more than two years. Around five pounds is the average possibility of gaining weight.


Always remember that it’s possible to gain weight just because of a non-healthy lifestyle and due to the aging process that is not related to birth control. Because of these reasons, people mistakenly think changing their weight is related to contraceptives. On the other hand, some of them won’t make you gain weight. So you might try one of them.


Combined Oral Contraceptives:

COCs are type pills of progestin that do not cause water retention. Combined pills are a mixture of two hormones, estrogen and progesterone.


Vaginal Ring: 

First of all, before we understand whether vagina rings cause us weight gain or not, first of all, let’s see how it works? A vagina ring is a plastic ring that consists of two hormones essential to stop ovulation. In the first year of using contraceptives, 0.8 pounds of fat was produced.


Combined Contraceptive Patches:

Combined patches are one of the most common birth control methods used by women all over the world. It is a patch that conceals your ovulation process by producing progesterone and estrogen in the bloodstream. These two hormones thicken the cervical mucus so sperm can’t move within the cervix. Combined contraceptives lower the risk of weight gain, according to a trial in 2001. 0.6 pounds is the minimum weight gain for at least 13 cycles. 


Manage Weight Gain:

According to different studies, there is no risk of it while using contraceptives. However, if you are still anxious about losing weight, follow these simple instructions that may help you to live a healthy life.


  • Exercise:

Regular exercise helps us to stay healthy and energetic. Every doctor in this world suggests a regular activity that is not only beneficial to losing weight and also boosts our metabolism. 


  • Eating Healthy Food:

By eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc., or by avoiding spicy and processed food, one is able to reduce weight and live a healthier life.


  • Water Intake:

A daily intake of seven to eight glasses of water is a must, and it not only prevents bloating but also avoids hunger pangs and snack cravings. Drinking water prevents gaining weight.


  • Enough Sleep:

Not getting enough sleep also disturbs the hormone cycle, affecting body weight. For a healthy body and weight, sound sleep is also necessary.



enough sleep
Woman fast asleep


Other Side Effects of Contraceptives:

Apart from water retention that may cause weight changes, other side effects are also possible, including headaches, nausea, spotting, and changes in the skin. Everyone’s response to birth control is different from others. Whenever you notice any worsening symptoms talk to your health professional, they give better suggestions and recommendations.


Final Thoughts!

From the all above discussion we conclude that birth control is not actually the main reason behind weight gain. To some extent, it may cause fluctuations in weight but our lifestyle and genetics also contribute a lot. According to recent studies, there are no serious effects of birth control on weight gain.

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