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Kindle Direct Publishing is an e-book self-publishing service offered by The service first launched in November 2007, in conjunction with the release of the first Amazon Kindle device. Authors can create and upload their own books on the platform, and receive royalties. The Kindle Direct Publishing website is free and easy to use.

Publish a Paperback or Ebook

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing system can help you publish your paperback or ebook. You can create an account on Amazon and upload your manuscript, cover page, and ISBN. Then, you can enter your price and select the territories in which your book will be published. You can then enroll your book in KDP Select so that your book will be available in different countries.

Publish a paperback or ebook with KDP, and you’ll receive monthly royalties! There are different rates for different types and formats of books. You’ll need to meet a minimum threshold before Amazon will start paying royalties. You’ll receive your payments via direct deposit, wire transfer, or check.

Once your book has been published on KDP, you can then upload it to Amazon and sell it as an eBook or paperback. Once you sell a copy, the cost of printing your book will be subtracted from your royalties. You can also customize your book’s listing to include keywords and a fitting description. The way you list your book will have a significant impact on its performance in the Kindle Store.

The cover of your paperback book can also be designed by a professional if you lack artistic ability. It will be Amazon’s responsibility to print and ship your book. In addition to that, you’ll receive royalties on your book’s sales. Using KDP to publish your paperback or ebook is a cost-effective way to publish your book on Amazon.

Create a Book Cover

If you’re self-publishing your book, you can create the book cover yourself using a tool provided by Amazon. This tool lets you create an attractive book cover. It also includes the author’s name, subtitle, and title. An image can be uploaded, or an all-text design can be used. It also lets you style the book layout.

You can download a KDP template to use as a guide. Various sizes and types of books can be created using this template. You must make sure the file doesn’t exceed 650 MB. A 40MB file is ideal for a KDP cover.

A free tool can help you create a book cover without spending a fortune. If you’re not too familiar with design, you can also use an online tool like Canva. Book Brush is another free tool you can use. However, every publishing expert recommends spending a bit of money on your book cover.

Once you’ve created the basic book cover, you can design the spine and bleed. Be sure to include bleed and trim sizes on your cover PDF. This will prevent a white border on the edge of the cover. A background color should be chosen that contrasts with the text.

Upload Your Book to Amazon

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an excellent choice for authors who are looking to publish their books on Amazon. With the KDP system, authors can upload a book on Amazon and easily change book details and price. Additionally, authors can choose to enroll in KDP Select, which gives authors additional tools and benefits. This program is especially useful for authors who plan to publish several books on different retail platforms.

To upload your book to Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing, you must first format the file properly. You should choose a language and type the title and subtitle of your book. You must leave your book in the program for at least three months to receive all the benefits of KDP Select.

After you have uploaded your book to Amazon with KDP, you must select a real publication date. Previously, you could only use KDP to publish your book with a one-year pre-order window. If you do not want your book to be available for one year, you can change this by choosing “Save and Continue.” Afterward, you must choose a real publishing date. You can also use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent free copies of your book. However, this means that people cannot steal or lend your book to someone else.

Pay a Royalty

KDP (kindle direct publishing) allows you to sell your ebook on Amazon, and the company will pay you a royalty on every sale. The exact amount of your royalty is dependent on the type of book and your chosen royalty plan. You can choose to receive three5% or seventy percent, depending on the book’s size and price.

You should be aware that royalty payments from Amazon can take a while to arrive. It is important to check the “Payments” report on the KDP reporting backend to see when you are due for a payment. If you’re concerned about the delay, you can always opt out of individual markets.

The royalty rate varies by country. For example, if your book sells in Brazil, you’ll earn a royalty of 35 percent. In Mexico, you’ll earn an additional twenty percent. Countdown Deals are a great way to get lower prices and still get a higher royalty.

You can earn more money by picking a niche with a high demand. However, be aware that your choice of niche will have an effect on your KDP earnings. For that reason, it’s best to pick a smaller but profitable pool.

Set a 90-day Exclusivity

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program provides authors with marketing incentives in return for signing up for the program. One of these incentives is the ability to sell your ebook exclusively on Amazon for 90 days. The agreement automatically renews after this period without any action from the author.

For new authors, KDP Select is an excellent option. The program is free for the first ninety days, and it gives new authors time to learn about marketing and publishing. They can also choose to publish multiple formats to reach a wider audience. Publishing a print version can appeal to readers who prefer physical books over eBooks. While print copies are less profitable, they can boost sales and author visibility.

Once you have registered, you can fill out the book’s information and upload your manuscript, optional Kindle eBook ISBN, and book cover. You’ll also need to read the KDP terms and guidelines before signing up. You can also set the royalty rate you’d like to receive from Amazon. The royalty rate is set at 35% or 70%, depending on the list price of your book.

Create a Series Collection Page

Using Amazon’s Series Collection page will help your books get more exposure in Amazon’s search results. Amazon will pull the description from the first book in the series when listing each book. This way, your readers can browse the entire series without getting distracted by ads. A dedicated series collection page is also great for directing people to your website, where they can view the entire collection.

In order to create a series collection page, you must have books published on Amazon’s KDP platform. The first step is to create a KDP account. Then, link all of your books in a series by entering the series name in the ‘Series Information’ box. Note that the series name must be consistent for all of the books in the series.

Once you’ve created a series collection page, Amazon will confirm the creation of your page. If necessary, they may require additional information. In most cases, simply placing the title of the series in the series’ description is enough. You can also add links to your series collection page on social media, landing pages, and websites.

Create a Spiral Bound Book

Creating spiral-bound books is a good option if you want to publish your book in a traditional book form. Spiral-bound books are durable and inexpensive, and they allow readers to flip open the pages and view the content in a wide variety of ways. For example, you can create a spiral-bound book of recipes using a digital printer and a spiral-bound binder. You can also print out a short story and bind it. If you’d like to decorate your spiral-bound book, you can use an acrylic spray sealer or a waterproof decoupage glue.

You can create spiral-bound books using Adobe Suite programs such as Illustrator and InDesign. You can also use spiral-binding design templates to get started. Depending on your intended audience, you may want to use a larger or smaller spiral-bound book format.

When you use KDP to publish your book, you’ll need to create a cover. You’ll want your cover to look professional and match the book’s content. Be sure to follow the KDP Content Guidelines to avoid mistakes when formatting your book. Finally, you’ll need to add your Kindle eBook ISBN. You may also choose to use KDP Select to select an ISBN for your book.


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