Side Effects of Overweight | Reasons for Overweight | Tips To Lose Weight

Side effects of being overweight

Today overweight is becoming the main reason for every awful disease. It disturbs almost all systems of our body. Here we discuss different types of conditions and problems due to obesity.

  • Cardiac disease
  • Diabetes
  • Several cancers
  • High blood pressure
  • Not good sleep
  • Mental health
  • Reproductive system
  • Digestive system
  • Liver function
  • Bad look

Reasons For Being Overweight

Many reasons for being overweight affect one’s health. We can briefly sum up the grounds. Every person wants to eat everything, even eat and drink late at night. They don’t care about their health and then face it. 


Overeating is the main reason for being overweight. We see nowadays eating has become a hobby and fashion. When some friends get together, the first thing that they discuss is what they will eat. If guests come to anyone’s home, the whole attention is on the meal. Now eating fast food also plays an essential role in overweight. In this regard, different restaurants and hotels attract people through media publicity. Everyone has various problems.

Sitting too Long

Another leading cause of overweight and obesity is sitting too long. Sitting in one place for a long time can increase many other health concerns. In the modern era, the workload in offices and daily routine has risen to its peak. People work morning to evening without rest and fall into different health issues and earn more money, they do not care about their health. After duty, they go to bed to sleep. And the next day, they start their journey again.

No exercise

As discussed above, we have increased a lot of work over us. So we can’t spare any time for any exercise. We don’t include any other healthy activity in this aspect of our busy lives. That’s why we can say the body can’t be healthy without proper exercise regularly—saying; that a sound mind is in a good body. With time this will be very harmful.

Social media

Mobile and computers these days are affecting badly. The Internet is the soul of these deadly problems. Additionally, if you have mobile and internet, then social media will stick you for a long time at the same place. You forget everything while using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When you are sticky, you will suffer many health problems.


Medicines have also contributed their part to the overweight. A no of drugs like antidepressants may cause obesity and weight gain. This results in decreasing willpower and a lack of interest in doing work. Insulin and steroid are also in this category. At a specific time, these medicines boost the body but later damage each system of your body.

Tips To Reduce Weight

Eating Habits

If you want to control your weight seriously, you have to change your eating habits as a priority. Suppose you took your diet correctly and on time. Junk food gives up. Set a time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and implement it strictly. Drink water fifteen mint before each meal. It would help if you had dinner three hours before going to bed. By acting upon these light eating habits, you can gain high results.

Reduce Time of Sitting

You can’t overcome weight gain if you have controlled your eating habits but sit a long time for any purpose. Health is the most precious thing, so it consumes time for it. Also, you should take a break after some time and not sit on your chair during the holiday. Playing some indoor games with colleagues struck off workload this time.


Today, everyone is so busy earning money and ignoring himself. From morning to evening, no physical work and no exercise. You can do light exercise to manage your weight. However, a walk in the morning and after will be very progressive. You make an essential part of life to exercise regularly and punctuate yourself. Despite it, please do not give up after two-three days but continue it consistently.


Be happy and spread happiness to your friends and family. Spend time with them, listen to their problems, and try to solve them. Also, share your issues with your family. This will make you happy, and your lifestyle will change and feel light. Being glad you can escape from many diseases and especially mental problems.

Get off Medicines

God has kept the ability to overcome light diseases, so don’t take medicines for these. Take medications in severe conditions. However, don’t take food supplements and drugs for any purpose. Use natural remedies which have no side effects.

End Note! 

Getting overweight is a hectic situation. However, you can achieve your weight goal with proper sleep and discipline. You should make sure that you maintain your healthy diet by getting the right foods balanced with exercise. In conclusion, staying up-to-date on your personal goals and setting realistic expectations for yourself is good.

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