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top hotels in usa

Going for a trip to the U.S.? Do you want to make the most of your trip? Well, you’re at the perfect spot because today, we’ll be looking at the top 10 most luxurious and sumptuous hotels in the U.S. that one should check out to make their trip memorable.

Hotels play a considerable role in the tourism sector, and almost every visitor wants to settle at a place where he finds maximum facilities available. Let’s check out some top-notch  luxurious hotels  present in the U.S.


Inn & Club at Harbour Town – Sea Pines Resort

At number 10, we have the grand sea pines resort at 32 Greenwood Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States. This four-star. The 5000-acre Property is available at a moderate price with all the finest facilities such as 24-hour room service, Pool, a bar, a lounge, and even a separate boating area!

best hotel in usa

Crazy, right? How can such a moderately priced hotel provide such facilities? The Hotel is designed beautifully with multiple room services such as a private balcony, Jacuzzi, and minibar. With a beautiful landmark view, this Hotel takes the number 10 spot among the best hotels in the U.S.


Halekulani Hotel 

Halekulani hotel has been hosting visitors for nearly a hundred years now. This Hotel is located in Honolulu, HI, United States. It’s one of the most renowned hotels primarily because of its elegant room and property amenities, including evening  entertainment, fitness center, valet, private beaches, housekeeping, and many more!

luxury hotel in usa

Although it’s a little more expensive than the Hotel mentioned above, the ocean view rooms and the five-star rating make it up. The location, cleanliness, and hotel services are all rated to the maximum, making it one of the most luxurious hotels in the U.S.


The Towers at Lotte New York Palace

Introducing the magnificent one hundred and seventy-six-floor Hotel with 14 floors located at Madison Ave & E 50th St, New York.

affordable hotel in usa

This reasonably priced Hotel comes with plenty of room facilities such as a mini bar, 24-hour room service, open Balcony and many more furthermore, The towers at lotte New York palace contain spacious guest rooms and separate conference facilities as well;

However, the main attraction of this Hotel is the breathtaking skyline views and unrivaled service. Worth checking out, isn’t it?


Hotel Emma at Pearl

Welcome to Hotel Emma at pearl, the best place to be for the people willing to enjoy the food and environment of San Antonio.

top luxury hotels in usa

The five-star Hotel was once a 19th-century brewhouse, a hotel famous for its outclass service that has managed to take its position in the top most luxurious hotels. Few deluxe room facilities include a Mini bar, blackout curtains, availability of interconnected rooms, air conditioning, and much more!

The fact that this Hotel is moderately priced is what makes it even better. After all, what more do you expect from a hotel demanding only 630$.


The Ritten House Hotel

Ritten house is the ranked four Hotel in Philadelphia and one of the most renowned hotels. It’s pretty busy every time because frequent party events and other festivals are arranged here. The five-star Hotel has an agile infrastructure with spacious and large room sizes and several rooms and property amenities.

top hotel brands in usa

A part of the Hotel also has a vintage-style design with an extensive library. Also ranked as one of the most luxurious hotels. Ritten house’s reviews are always on top, and it seems that almost every visitor is satisfied with the service provided by the Property.


L’Ermitage Beverly Hills

Present in the heart of Beverly Hills is a grand five-star hotel committed to providing travelers with the best hotel experience by availing luxurious Hotel and room facilities. L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Is also the country’s first all-suite Hotel with a unique and elegant design having large spacious Rooms. 

top 10 hotels in usa

The Hotel has managed to serve visitors for years now and is called a Forbes five-star property for about twenty-three years. This has been rated top in Terms of management, service, and environment. The location of this particular The Hotel is also uniquely situated on higher ground; visitors enjoy the gorgeous open view. Visit the luxurious L’Ermitage Beverly hills and make your trip a memorable one.


Aston Waikiki Beach Tower

Aston Waikiki Beach Tower is one of the best location-based hotels in the U.S., located directly across from the world-famous Waikiki beach. The beach view makes the stay in the Hotel worth it, and a private balcony, flatscreen tv, and housekeeping are some of the many facilities the Hotel provides to visitors.

top 10 haunted hotels in usa

There’s no room for boredom here since almost every activity, from a fitness center to an art museum, is present in Aston Waikiki Beach Tower. The price is also moderate. Perhaps the top-notch ratings in service, management, and environment have made Aston Waikiki Beach Tower possible. That’s why it takes its position among the top most luxurious beaches in the U.S.


Waldorf Astoria Washington DC

Present in Washington dc and ranked #3 of 156 hotels. This historic Hotel was built in 1899 and had an immense location sitting between the white house and the United States capital. From the top story, visitors can enjoy a full view of the city.

top 20 hotels in usa

Moreover, visitors can even visit historic sites and monuments within a 20-minute walk. Some property amenities include the fitness center, gym, spa, and bar. Worth checking out, isn’t it?

The Gorgeous interior and the spacious rooms make the Hotel more attractive to visitors. A five-star hotel based on its ratings!


The Hay-Adams

Hay Adams, Another top-notch hotel located in Washington. The reason for its being so renowned is its multiple room amenities at a moderate price.

top 5 hotels in usa

I wonder how much dedicated services are provided under such a small charge! It is also famous due to being surrounded by the most iconic institutions of the U.S. nation. This has been one of its favorite hotels, as evidenced by its top ratings.


Equinox Hotel New York

Last but not least, The equinox hotel in New York has been the #5 out of 513 hotels present in New York! Can you imagine what this Hotel withholds, making it one of the best? A flatscreen Tv, and minibar, walk-in shower are some of the many facilities provided here.

top hilton hotels in usa

The infrastructure of the Hotel is totally beyond imagination. Although it’s a little pricy, the 5-star services and facilities make a stay in Equinox hotel worth it. Try it while visiting New York, and you won’t be disappointed.



In conclusion, Every Hotel aims to provide its visitors with the best service possible. However, keeping the Cost in view is also an important factor in drawing the attention of the visitors, and it’s clear that the hotels Providing a good number of facilities and are moderately priced are the ones that are highlighted and visited by most of the visitors.


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